Click Modifiers

Click Modifiers logo Click Modifiers is a Firefox extension I created to allow users to change the action that occurs when you click on a link while using a modifier key or middle mouse button. I created this since I frequently like opening links in new windows on my Mac laptops which have single button trackpads and when using the command key Firefox normally opens links in a new tab instead.

Tempest in a Java Pot

Screenshot of Tempest in a Java Pot Tempest in a Java Pot is a small Java application I made to test out how well computer monitors work as radio transmitters after I read about Tempest online. The monitor is used as a transmitter by displaying specially constructed images on the monitor with the intent of generating a desired radio wave from the electromagnetic emanations leaking out of the monitor.

The Computer Language Benchmarks Game

Many of the personal programs I write do lots of resource intensive image or data processing and I'm also not a fan of bloated software so I've been interested in The Computer Language Benchmarks Game for getting a rough idea of how the various programming languages and their implementations perform against each other. Now don't get me wrong, for many things performance isn't everything so it might make sense to use a higher level but slower, more memory consuming language. I've contributed several programs to the game mainly because it didn't make sense that several of the C programs were performing poorly but also partly for bragging rights too since many of my programs are among the fastest, least memory consuming, most portable, and best documented. ;-)

HTML/CSS/JavaScript Experiments

Various HTML/CSS/JavaScript things that I've toyed around with before that might be of interest to some people:
  • CSS Spinning 3D Letter - Just a simple letter spinning in 3D on all three axes with a motion blur effect solely using HTML and CSS with no JavaScript or WebGL. The animation can be a little jerky on some browsers or slow computers though.